This adorable cat Lilly is the Hancock County SPCA pet of the week. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE SPCA OF HANCOCK COUNTY

SPCA pet of week: Lilly

At the SPCA, we’ve had some great adoptions happening recently, and the title “Longest-Term Adoptable Cat” has now passed to Lilly. We feel this is a good time to shine the spotlight on her.

Lilly has been searching for a home for nine months now. She is a black cat with a tiny white triangle on her nose and a white bib (which she cleans very carefully every morning). Her fur is short and sleek.

Lilly is so quiet that she goes unnoticed by most people. Those of us who see her at the shelter every day have been able to discern a few things about her personality, though.

Lilly is very agreeable with the other cats. When we place other shy or frightened cats in her community room, Lilly is willing to share her cubby with them to help them feel safe. When she’s sharing with another cat, Lilly purrs and purrs and purrs. Alas, although she has provided this service to many cats who have gone on to be adopted soon after, Lilly has not yet found a home of her own.

We are able to touch Lilly, but have not been able to interest her in treats, toys or brushing. We suspect that she simply is not happy at the shelter.

Is there anyone out there who’s willing to spring Lilly from the shelter and give her a chance to come out of her shell? If so, please give us a call or come in for a visit!

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