Blackie, the adorably-cranky cat, is the Hancock County SPCA pet of the week. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE SPCA

SPCA pet of week: Blackie

“We need to talk. My name is Blackie, and I have a serious problem. See this window sill I’m sitting on? While it ‘looks’ like a perfectly acceptable windowsill, it’s actually the windowsill of an animal shelter.

“Me! In a shelter! Humph! I can’t even articulate how annoyed this makes me. In fact, usually it just comes out as a rumbly growling noise. But then no one has wanted to take me home. Oops.

“I’m not actually a mean cat, I swear! I mean, I may be a tad opinionated – sometimes. You know, just when things aren’t going my way. But … well … I need some help.

“I’d like to get out of here, and I’m willing to make friends with you. Please look past my cranky exterior and give me a little time to warm up to you? I sure do want to go home as soon as possible.”

For more information about adopting Blackie, give us a call.

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