This adorable cat Ellie is the Hancock County SPCA pet of the week. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE SPCA

SPCA pet of the week

Are you looking for a special cat? A cat who is tired of being homeless and wants nothing more than a safe place to settle down with a family of her very own? Consider meeting Ellie!

Ellie has the biggest yellow eyes, the most fetching stripes and spots and the sweetest white bib and belly. Her fur is short, and she is 1.5 years old. During busy times of the day, Ellie typically can be found in her favorite cubby.

When it’s quiet, though, we see her on the prowl. She likes to see what the other cats are up to and check out any new toys we put out. Ellie has been waiting for a new home for a few months now.

She’s an especially brave kitty, because despite her fear of us at first, she has slowly come to realize that we bring her good food and cozy blankets. Ellie might not be the first cat you notice when you walk in the room, but we have a hunch this little wallflower will blossom into a wonderful companion.

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