Siting solar responsibly on MDI  

MOUNT DESERT — A Climate to Thrive interns Max Friedlander and Riley Donahue will present their work focused on responsibly siting solar on Mount Desert Island online at 6 p.m. Thursday, May 26. The presentation will provide an overview of crucial solar siting considerations and highlight key potential host rooftops and other sites across the island. 

“As renewable energy growth accelerates and we rapidly transition off fossil fuels, our community needs to strategically consider where best to construct green energy projects across MDI,” said Beth Woolfolk, solar coordinator for ACTT. “Like any development, if solar is not strategically and mindfully sited, it has the potential to disrupt natural ecosystems. We wanted the interns to focus on potential sites that maximize clean energy generation and benefits to the community, while protecting the island’s valuable ecosystems.” 

This is part of a series of educational programs, made possible through support from the Hancock County Fund of the Maine Community Foundation, that aims to arm individuals with knowledge about climate science and successful strategies for mitigation and adaptation. 

Register for this free event at or email Woolfolk at [email protected]  

ACTT is a local nonprofit focused on moving MDI towards energy independence through sustainable innovations and by creating a resilient island community through education and outreach.   

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