Seth Singleton will speak at the Northeast Harbor Library on April 25. ISLANDER FILE PHOTO

Singleton to talk about ‘America First’

MOUNT DESERT — Seth Singleton will give a talk titled “American First Foreign Policy: The Project to Re-order the World” at the Northeast Harbor Library on Tuesday, April 25, at 5:30 p.m.

He will look at the project for a “post-West” world of conservative nationalist states, first championed by Russia, and how the Trump White House is trying to make it reality by policies regarding the military, the State Department and the U.N., trade, alliance relations, propaganda and war against “radical Islam.”

Singleton is an adjunct professor of political science and Libra Professor of International Relations at the University of Maine. His research interests generally focus on international relations, especially dealing with China and Asia. He won the American Political Science Association prize for best dissertation in international relations and has held grants from the Rockefeller Foundation, the National Council on Soviet and East European Research, the Fulbright program and the Open Society Institute.

Singleton has lived and worked at universities in Tanzania, Russia, Ecuador and Vietnam, and consulted in China, Mongolia and Bolivia. Along with teaching, he has been faculty research associate at Harvard and academic dean in universities in the U.S. and overseas, most recently associate provost in charge of curriculum and faculty at the new Tan To University in Vietnam. Singleton and his wife, Charlotte, live on Mount Desert Island.

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