Science writer translates nature’s hidden language 

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — The Southwest Harbor Public Library will host a hybrid talk with award-winning science writer and memoirist Margie Patlak, author of “More Than Meets the Eye: Exploring Nature and Loss on the Coast of Maine” at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 14.  

The book is about what nature in Maine taught Patlak about the nature of life, renewal and what remains once the ashes are spread. It interweaves nature, science and spirituality/philosophy. 

“At the time, I was mourning the loss of my mother from cancer and my sole sibling from ALS, in quick succession, and my husband and I were about to have an empty nest. So the monarchs that visited my garden and the three generations it takes for the butterflies to make their way from Mexico to Maine revealed the limits of an individual life and what is passed on from generation to generation, and the dramatic tides taught me how fleeting time is and the ephemeral nature of raising a child. Even moose, foxes and fishers revealed more than meets the eye as these facets of the natural world spoke a hidden language I translated with my scientific knowledge and reflection,” Patlak said. 

To register, go to, email [email protected] or call (207) 244-7065. 

This event will be in person, masks required, at the library as well as online. To participate online, register at to receive an online link. Registration for in-person attendance is not necessary.  



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