Ruth Moore through the eyes of friends and family

TREMONT — To kick off the annual Ruth Moore Days events, the Tremont Historical Society will host a screening of “I Have Seen Horizons,” a 2002 documentary about Moore by Holly Haywood and writer Kari Wagner-Peck.

The free, public program is planned for Monday, July 22 at 7 p.m. in the Harvey Kelley room of the Tremont Municipal Building. It be preceded by a brief Tremont Historical Society meeting, to which all are welcome.

Author Ruth Moore was born in Tremont in 1903 and died here in 1989. She wrote many Maine-based novels, several of which became best sellers and one, “Spoonhandle,” was made into the major motion picture “Deep Waters.”

“My research for a planned documentary about a Maine woman writer began in spring of 1997,” said Wagner-Peck. She had just read “The Weir,” Moore’s debut novel about life on Gott’s Island where she was born and raised.

Wagner-Peck said she began shooting for the documentary in 1999. Piecing it all together took two years before the documentary was copyrighted and ready for release.

“We grew to love Ruth through her writings,” she said. “And the deep friendships and letters she shared with Gary [Lawless], Sandy [Phippen], Dennis [Damon] and others.”

Moore’s niece Muriel Trask Davisson will be present for a question and answer session following the film.

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