Racial justice art show seeks artists

BAR HARBORA local group, MDI Art for Justice, is seeking artists of all ages from Hancock County and beyond to produce works for a one-day pop-up art show in Bar Harbor. The Art for Justice: Working Towards Equity show will take place on Sunday, Oct. 18 from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. 
Works of art will be exhibited at two locations in downtown Bar Harbor, the fence of the Bar Harbor Congregational Church at the corner of Kennebec and Mount Desert Streets and at the Lompoc Cafe & Books on Rodick Street. There will also be an interactive exhibit on the church lawn for those who wish to participate.

The art show seeks to explore issues of racial justice and to inspire positive change from a place of creativity within the community. The exhibit will feature new works by local artists that encourage constructive community conversation and personal introspection around issues of race. Ideal artworks for this exhibit could raise awareness around the historical and current oppression of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), engage the public on issues of systemic racism (educational, economic, environmental), remember or memorialize the lives of those lost to police brutality and systemic racism, examine or express the artist’s identity in relationship to systemic racism or express solidarity with the BIPOC community. 

The intention of this show is to provide opportunity for both BIPOC and white artists to create works about racial justice and the struggle for equity. This comes with the understanding that art created by BIPOC artists is often assumed to be racial by nature, whereas white artists enjoy the privilege of creating art that either “transcends” or ignores issues of race, leaving the artistic labor of racial justice to BIPOC artists. This show hopes to invite white artists to join in solidarity with BIPOC artists to address such issues, thereby challenging white silence.
For more information visit the Facebook page by searching “MDI Art for Justice” or email the organizing committee at [email protected]. To submit artwork, go tojudgify.me/mdiartforjustice. Artists of all ages and identities are encouraged to applyThe submission deadline is Oct. 11 and there is no cost to participate in the show 

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