Poet and musician Daniel Hales will read and perform March 2 at the Lompoc Cafe. PHOTO COURTESY OF BATEAU PRESS

Prose, poetry and music with Gregory Howard and Daniel Hales

BAR HARBOR — Essayist and fiction writer Gregory Howard will be joined by poet and musician Daniel Hales for a reading and musical performance Saturday, March 2, beginning at 8:30 p.m. at the Lompoc Cafe.

This free, all-ages event is part of the Bateau Reading Series. After the reading, the Lompoc Cafe will remain open while Daniel Hales plays music and entertains patrons into the night.

Howard is the author of “Hospice,” a novel. His fiction and essays have been published in WebConjunctions, The Collagist, Harp & Altar, Birkensnake, and Tarpaulin Sky and other publications. He teaches fiction writing, contemporary literature and film studies at University of Maine.

“In Gregory Howard’s beautiful, brilliant first novel, stories spill out of other stories to swim, swirl, dance (sometimes giggling, sometimes smiling gravely) and collide,” one reviewer of “Hospice” wrote. “One thinks of the Calvino of ‘Invisible Cities,’ to be sure, but also of Bruce Chatwin and his ‘In Patagonia,’ in each of which a highly inventive voyager goes wandering through the world and/or through the world’s endless tales of itself.

“Still, deeply felt loss is the engine of the ludic impulse in ‘Hospice,’ and the many games played, rituals enacted and songs sung by its characters evoke, with grace and power, our oldest truths, our most challenging conundrums, and the exhilarating ebb and flow of our sleep-wrapped lives.”

Hales is a writer, musician, and teacher living in western Massachusetts. His most recent work is a hybrid book titled “Run Story, which was published in 2018 by Shape and Nature. Hales has produced three poetry chapbooks, “Shake My Ashes” (2016), “Blind Drive” (2016), and “Tempo Maps” (2014). His poems, flash fiction and hybrid writings have appeared in Verse Daily, Bateau, Conduit, H_NGM_N, Sentence, Quarter After Eight and Booth. He also plays in the bands “The Frost Heaves and Hales,” “The Ambiguities,” and “Umbral,” whose debut album, “Predawn to Postdusk,” was released by Spork.

“We are so happy to have Greg and Daniel reading for the Bateau/Lompoc Reading Series,” said Dan Mahoney, editor-in-chief of Bateau Press. “These two writers weave wonderful tapestries of lyrical delight, which is exactly what we need in the wind-down of a long, gray winter.

“Working with… the Lompoc has been a great experience, we are fortunate to have reading events both there and at the Jesup Library,” Mahoney continued. “At Bateau we often find ourselves vacillating between the bar and the library anyway, so these venues work for us.”

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There will be a discussion with Howard and Hales following the event. Contact Bateau at [email protected].

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