Paula Poundstone is coming to the Criterion Theatre in August. PHOTO COURTESY OF PAULA POUNDSTONE

Poundstone to play at Criterion

BAR HARBOR — Comedian Paula Poundstone will perform at the Criterion Theatre on Saturday, Aug. 13, at 8 p.m. “August is the only month without a U.S. holiday. Let’s celebrate that,” said Poundstone.

Of Poundstone’s standup routine, Nick Zaino of the Boston Globe wrote, “Poundstone improvises with a crowd like a jazz musician, swinging in unexpected directions without a plan, without a net… . You know she’s a great comic the way you know any fine performer when you see one, there’s a disarming ease in her craft, an immediate sense that she’s so quick on her feet, you need never worry about the possibility of something going wrong.”

Her unscripted approach also serves her well as a regular panelist on the NPR show “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!” where she holds the record for game losses. “The others cheat,” she said, “you wouldn’t think NPR would put up with that.”

Tickets cost $22-40. Call 288-082 or visit

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