Poetry: Middle school musings

By Anne Funderburk


Now that the island is all astir again on the matter of a consolidated middle school, I thought I’d send you a ditty I wrote a long time ago (2012) when the same topic had everyone in an uproar. I’ve revised it a bit.

It goes to the tune of “The Sidewalks of New York.”

We miss the island terribly, and I, like the cat in the song, keep coming back, though not “the very next day.”


East Side, West Side? Island people fuss,

Asking whether a Middle School

Is just the thing for us.

How can we pay for the building?

And where will that building be?

We know we need a decision,

And we know it won’t be free!


Tremont, Southwest, Bar Harbor, Mt. Desert:

The taxes that we’ll have to pay

Will surely make us hurt.

But if we should consolidate

We’ll have no teams to play.

We simply cannot face that fact

Or contemplate that day!


Anne Funderburk, a former Seal Harbor resident, is living in a Life Care facility in Scarborough with her husband Lance. They share their copy of the Islander each week with former Southwest Harbor resident Sally Clark, now a neighbor.

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