Plastics, politics and public health

BLUE HILL Has COVID-19 produced a plastic pandemic? Environmental health scientist Dr. Susan Shaw looks at the rise in plastic pollution and its implications in her talk on Aug. 5 from 6-7 p.m. Dr. Shaw is founder/director of the Shaw Institute 

Decades of plastic use have contaminated our air, water, soil and even our bodies. A single bite of an apple could mean swallowing hundreds of thousands of plastic particles. While the human health effects of all this plastic are unclear, laboratory evidence shows that microplastics can destroy human immune cells in culture 

In her talk, Dr. Shaw looks at the toll of rising plastic pollution, the implications for public health and ways to scale up viable alternatives to our plasticized world. Shaw is the founder/director, Shaw Institute, Professor of Public Health, University at Albany, N.Y., and U.S. Science Liaison to the Plastic Health Coalition, an international alliance dedicated to advancing research and global action to reduce plastic pollution.  

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