Pistol class planned

BLUE HILL — A pistol shooting course will be offered at the Blue Hill Rifle and Pistol Club on Saturday, March 11, from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m.

Instructors will review safety rules and procedures and support, coach and assist students as they handle pistols in a classroom and range setting. Ultimately, students will become more comfortable and familiar with pistols in order to achieve an NRA certification.

The course covers firearm and range safety, the fundamentals of pistol shooting, functions and maintenance or pistols and shooting positions, as well as practical range experience. No prior experience in necessary. The course helps students to become more familiar with pistol safety and shooting; the certification is recognized for state concealed-carry permits.

The course costs $50 per student, including range fees and lunch.

Students must complete an elearning section of the course as a prerequisite. It is available at basicpistol.nra.org.

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