A detail of a stained glass window. A new exhibit in the Somesville selectmen's building features photographs of stained glass from around Mount Desert Island. PHOTO COURTESY OF MDI HISTORICAL SOCIETY

Photos in historic Selectmen’s Building

MOUNT DESERT — A grand opening of a new Selectmen’s Building exhibit featuring photographs of stained glass on Mount Desert Island Thursday, June 27, from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the MDI Historical Society Somesville Museum and Gardens.

Artist-in-Residence Jennifer Steen Booher photographed stained glass from throughout the MDI area. “I hadn’t paid much attention to local stained glass before, and was astonished and delighted by the variety and beauty of the works I found,” Booher said.

“Her photographs show the luminous beauty of these artworks. Many of these windows have never been seen before by most people who live on or visit Mount Desert Island,” said event organizers.

In addition to the new exhibit, visitors are invited to tour the gardens and Somesville Museum, where another exhibit, “Beholding the Past,” features historical places and objects of Mount Desert Island’s past.

Refreshments and guided tours will be provided. Visit mdihistory.org.

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