Heidi Smallidge of Mount Desert has written two novels for young readers. Another is coming out soon. ISLANDER PHOTO BY DICK BROOM

‘Paranormal adventures’ by Smallidge

MOUNT DESERT — Heidi Smallidge is going to be busy for quite a while.

Having already published two novels for young teens and pre-teens, she has another one coming out soon and about 10 more in her head.

The main character in her books is 13-year-old Night Wilder, whose mother is an archaeologist. Together, they travel around the world to various archaeological research sites where, in Smallidge’s books, strange things happen.

“I’m a voracious reader of anything historic and anything to do with archaeology,” she said. “I also love the unexplained and mysterious; I have an interest in all things paranormal.”

In her first book, “Night’s Demons,” Night and her mother are at an archaeological dig in the desert on the border of Syria and Iraq – before the start of the Syrian civil war – where there is a natural fissure in the earth. It’s called a “demon pit” because legend has it that it’s through such openings that demons can come to the surface and, in Smallidge’s words, “wreak havoc.”

In real life, archaeologists removed the only artifact they found at this particular demon pit. In Smallidge’s account, that made the demons very angry.

The author, who lives in Mount Desert and works for Maine Coast Heritage Trust, said she is committed to sending a portion of money she makes from the book to the Red Cross to help Syrian refugees.

Smallidge’s second book, “Night with the Vampire,” is set in Venice, where the skeleton of an alleged vampire is found with a brick jammed in its mouth, presumably to keep it from chewing through its burial shroud.

“The archaeologists remove the brick, and that’s where my story starts,” she said. “I’ve got a lot of weird things in my head.”

Describing her books as “paranormal adventures” for young readers, she said they reflect her belief that “everything is an adventure if you have the right attitude.”

“My books are fast-paced adventures. I like a quick pace so that my readers – and I as a writer – don’t get bored.”

Smallidge’s books are self-published. They are available at amazon.com.

Visit heidijarvissmallidge.com.

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