• Warm glow

    Warm glow

    Benevolent and mild though the fall has been, winter is on its way. With that in mind, we spent last weekend wrassling with storm windows, pouncing on drafts, squishing Moretite into cracks and installing sweeps at the bottom of doors to close the gaps. While considering the utility of a space heater upstairs or maybe

  • Love and war book club starts

    Love and war book club starts

    TREMONT — A book club about love and war will meet at the Bass Harbor Memorial Library in Bernard beginning on Wednesday, Oct. 29, at 6:30 p.m. There wasn’t much loving going on among combatants of World War II. Mostly men went away to war and left sweethearts an ocean apart. However, great novelists have

  • DVD review: Transcendence

    DVD review: Transcendence

    Before getting down to today’s movie review, we’ll take a few questions from the studio audience. Yes, you in the teal sweater. Go ahead, please. Q: What’s “Transcendence” about? A: AI, which stands for artificial intelligence. There’s this brilliant scientist, Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp), who believes AI is the answer to all the world’s

  • On the Road Review: Hyundai Sonata Limited

    On the Road Review: Hyundai Sonata Limited

    Korean automaker Hyundai has surpassed several of the hurdles that confronted its goal to become a mainstream marketer in America. Where once its products were considered entry-level, low-dollar value cars, Hyundai has rocketed forward in the last 10 years with credible cars across the whole range of its offerings. From compact Accent and Elantra to

  • Sidon to read debut poetry

    Sidon to read debut poetry

    BAR HARBOR — Maine poet Weslea Sidon will read from and sign copies of her debut poetry collection, “The Fool Sings,” at the Jesup Memorial Library on Thursday, Oct. 23, at 7 p.m. Christian Barter, himself a Maine Literary Award-winning poet and MDI resident, describes Sidon’s work as “smart and sometimes deliciously snarky, but always

  • Birds are gobbling up mountain ash berries

    Birds are gobbling up mountain ash berries

    Both resident and migrant birds seem to be gorging themselves with the abundant wild fruit all over this island this week. Hardly a berry is left on mountain ash trees. Mountain ash trees usually are not more than 15-20 feet tall and grow all over Mount Desert Island. Look for the red-orange colorful clusters of

  • DVD Review: Ivory Tower

    DVD Review: Ivory Tower

    Is college worth it? The question is posed and then answered in “Ivory Tower,” a 90-minute documentary that rings a lot of bells, especially as the University of Maine System goes under the microscope. The opening volley in “Ivory Tower” is close to overwhelming: Kids are graduating in record numbers with record debt — a

  • Spooky Car Days at Auto Museum

    Spooky Car Days at Auto Museum

    TREMONT — The Seal Cove Auto Museum will celebrate Halloween and close out its season with “Spooky Car Days,” Oct. 24-31. There will be a haunted house on Friday, Oct. 24, from 6-8 p.m. Throughout the week, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in craft projects, play games and enjoy tasty treats. They may