• Climate awareness is art project goal 

    Climate awareness is art project goal 

    BAR HARBOR — A group of Mount Desert Island teens is working to put together a community art installation “centered around climate awareness,” according to a newsletter announcement from A Climate to Thrive.  Residents of all ages are encouraged to submit artwork responding to these prompts: “What on earth are you grateful for? What environmental issues do

  • Climate change effects on your neighborhood

    Climate change effects on your neighborhood

    SOUTHWEST HARBOR—What will our shoreline look like in the future? On Tuesday, July 14, at 5:30 p.m., the Southwest Harbor Public Library will host The Nature Conservancy’s Climate Adaptation Program Director Jeremy Bell as he presents a new tool developed in partnership with Bowdoin College, the Coastal Risk Explorer, that enables Maine communities to assess and respond to areas vulnerable to flooding.

  • Six FEET of Separation: A new show from The Grand 

    Six FEET of Separation: A new show from The Grand 

    ELLSWORTH—You may not be able to come to The Grand, but something grandcan come to you. Writer/director Brent Hutchins brings “Jun-yah” and friends back to the stage for a viral virtual Downeast perspective. Hutchins is joined by actors from the Trenton Flats Irregulars and Lamoine Community Arts, all back safe together and six feet apart with masks firmly in place. Audiences

  • Historical demos offered at Country Store Museum 

    Historical demos offered at Country Store Museum 

    TREMONT— It may be a bit more complicated to access, but art, theater and history are still being created and shown at various online sites and physical venues on Mount Desert Island.  The Tremont Historical Society’s Bass Harbor Country Store Museum, at 4 Granville Road in Bass Harbor, is one of them.  Although the museum is closed until it is deemed safe, beginning Friday, July 10, and

  • YWCA calls for entries 

    YWCA calls for entries 

    BAR HARBOR – YWCA MDI is inviting artists to submit designs for its new Vote! Pin Contest. The contest deadline is July 17 at 5 p.m.  There are four age groups: 8 and under, 8-12, 13-17, and 18 and up.  Designs must be in a circle template and must be legible when reduced to a 3-inch size. The template is available online at and at     Submissions should include the entrant’s name, age, parent info (for those under 18), and email or phone

  • Mural celebrates community connections

    Mural celebrates community connections

    BAR HARBOR — When the coronavirus pandemic turned the world upside down this spring, Paige Speight said she was struck by how, everywhere she looked, people were helping their neighbors.  “Whether that was through lending books or sharing whatever food they had or sharing children’s toys to keep kids entertained,” she said. “That’s what I was thinking about and

  • Nature: Either eiders or orchids, both are interesting sights

    Nature: Either eiders or orchids, both are interesting sights

    The flowers in July are overwhelming! Orchids are in bloom and well worth searching for. Since they grow in bogs, you may get your feet wet or need to be in a canoe or kayak. Friends have sent me nice photos of Calopogon, also called grass pink. You usually can find it in the bogs on this island in June, July and August.  The blossoms of Calopogon look as if they

  • Racism: the scourge continues

    Racism: the scourge continues

    BAR HARBOR—Racism in the U.S. has existed since the colonial era and has involved practices that restricted the political, personal and economic freedoms of African Americans. While racial discrimination was largely denounced by the mid-20th century, extensive evidence of racial discrimination in various sectors of modern U.S. society, including criminal justice, education, business, the economy, housing, health care and media, still exists.   Among the current

  • Go “Beyond Acadia” with Rich Bard 

    Go “Beyond Acadia” with Rich Bard 

    BAR HARBOR—Join author Rich Bard as he travels through fishing villages, rocky coastlines, wild blueberry fields and vast stretches of forestland stretching from Ellsworth to the Canadian border during a virtual author talk on Friday, July 10, at 7 p.m. Bard is the author of “Beyond Acadia: Exploring the Bold Coast of Down East Maine,” the first travel guide that exclusively focuses on this section of