This photo of birds was taken by Jennifer Steen Booher for the current volume of “Chebacco.” The birds are from the Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE MDI HISTORICAL SOCIETY

New exhibit explores MDI history

MOUNT DESERT — The MDI Historical Society’s new exhibit, “Beholdings: Fourteen Introductions to the History around Us,” will open with a reception at the Somesville Museum, 2 Oak Hill Road, on Friday, June 22, from 5-7 p.m.

The installation explores different dimensions of regional history through 14 featured objects. Conceived as a companion piece to the 2018 edition of “Chebacco,” “Beholding the Past,” the exhibit invites visitors to consider the power of objects of all types to expand our understanding of this place and its people. Objects, photographs and a web portal tell the stories behind an early 20th-century community cookbook, bird specimens collected by Henry Spelman in the 1880s, fragments of 200-year-old shoes concealed in the parsonage house of Great Cranberry Island and much more.

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