New age for Aquarius

TRENTON — Remember Aquarius Antiques? It was that hard-to-classify establishment on Route 102 across from the Town Hill Market, home to antiques and tribal art as diverse as life-sized buddhas, carousel animals, African masks, teak dowry chests on wheels from India and a huge collection of shields from the last headhunter tribe in Irian Jaya, the Western half of New Guinea.

Thom Brophy and his partner Gloria Avner “scoured the Far East, North Africa, and much of South and Central America for objects ripe with spiritual meaning and fascination,” according to a press release. For 39 years, there was a new display on view every day.

The property and much of the inventory was sold in 2013; the buildings were used for firefighter training. Brophy now houses his personal collection at the Antique Barn in Trenton, but announced earlier this year plans to retire. He hopes, he said, that another adventuresome collector will buy his whole collection and “take the sunset of Aquarius and turn it into another dawning.”

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