Dr. Deborah Bronk of Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science will give an online talk called “The Unmatched Insluence of Microscopic Ocean Life” on July 8 at 5:30 p.m. PHOTO COURTESY OF NORTHEAST HARBOR LIBRARY

NEH Library hosts virtual talk on microscopic ocean life  

NORTHEAST HARBOR—On Wednesday, July 8at 5:30 p.m., Dr. DeborahBronk from the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science will give a talk, “The Unmatched Influence of Microscopic Ocean Life. To register, call 276-3333 or email [email protected]. 

The ocean is life. Microscopic organisms in every drop shape our planet, and their health will determine its future. Bigelow researchers are taking a bold new look at the ocean to understand its mysteries, address its challenges and unlock the limitless opportunity hidden in each drop of seawater. Enjoy an evening with Dr. Deborah Bronkpresident and CEO of Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, to learn about the cutting-edge oceanographic investigations they have underway that can shape the future health of the planet. 

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