Melissa Violette will talk about music therapy and memory at the Jesup Memorial Library on March 3. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE JESUP MEMORIAL LIBRARY

Music and memory is talk topic

BAR HARBOR — Melissa Violette, a board-certified music therapist, will talk about the impact music and music therapy can have on memory when she visits the Jesup Memorial Library on Saturday, March 3, at 1:30 p.m. as part of Age By Design.

Studies have shown that musical experiences can be structured to enhance social and emotional skills and can assist in recall and language skills and that people in the late stages of dementia will respond to and interact with music.

Violette, the director of the music therapy and activity departments at Birch Bay Village, will explain the ways music therapy can be beneficial to cognitive, emotional, social, spiritual and physical health. She also will delve deeper and explore the effects that music therapy has on people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Violette believes strongly in the healing power of music and said “music is found in the same places in our brains as our language and memories. It universally connects our hearts and minds and bonds us to each other. The right song can transport us to another place and time, our loved ones, and ourselves. It is in fact, the soundtrack of our lives. When time steals words from us, it steals our lyrics last, but we can still use music to speak even when our words fail us.”

Age By Design is a series of programs co-sponsored by the Jesup, the YWCA Mount Desert Island, the Mount Desert Island YMCA and Island Connections that focuses on all facets of life for people ages 50 and over on Mount Desert Island.

For more on Age By Design programs, call Doreen Willett at Island Connections at 288-4457. To suggest programs, call Melinda Rice at the Jesup Memorial Library at 207-288-4245.





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