Manski, Singer to open travel talks series

MOUNT DESERT — Shira Singer and David Manski will give a talk called “Visas for Life: Following the Route to Safety from Eastern Europe to Far East Asia” in the Mellon Room of the Northeast Harbor Library on Wednesday, Nov. 1, at 5 p.m. Their talk is the first of the “Recent Travels” series of six given by area residents in November and December.

In December 1939, Manski’s father and family fled Poland to escape the approaching Nazis. They first went to nearby Lithuania, where relatives took them in. While there, they learned about a Japanese diplomat who was issuing transit visas to the Jewish refugees from the consulate in Kaunus. Manski’s grandmother and her three children, including Manski’s father, 11-year-old Saul, were recipients of two of these visas, which allowed them to transit through Russia to safety in Japan in early 1941.

Nearly 76 years after the family received these visas, Manski and Singer traveled to Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia and Japan to retrace the same route of travel.

Their talk will highlight their experiences following in the footsteps of their family,

including traveling across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway and visiting

museums in Japan honoring the Japanese diplomat.

Everyone is welcome.


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