Maine beer expert and author Josh Christie will speak at the Bar Harbor Winter Beer Fest on Jan. 14. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE JESUP

‘Maine Beer’ author to speak at beer festival

BAR HARBOR — Maine author Josh Christie will speak at the Bar Harbor Winter Beer Fest at Atlantic Brewing in Town Hill on Saturday, Jan. 14, at 12:30 p.m. Christie, the author of “Maine Beer: Brewing in Vacationland,” will speak about Maine’s brewing culture, history and the breweries that call Maine home.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Maine was a stronghold for the temperance movement, but Maine has gone on to create a beer culture that rivals any other in the United States. Early pioneers, like D.L. Geary, established the Northeast’s love affair with English-style ales, and today’s upstarts brew unique and inventive recipes.

Maine brewers create beer for every palate, and Maine’s unique flavors – like blueberries, potatoes and even oysters – are frequently featured. Christie explores Maine’s large breweries; its local crafters; the budding cider, spirits and mead industries; and the best places to drink across the state.

Christie is the author of two books about beer, “Maine Beer” and “The Handbook of Porters & Stouts,” and two books on the Maine outdoors. He’s been published in the Maine Sunday Telegram, Portland Phoenix, Thrillist and The Maine Brew Guide, among other publications. Christie is an adjunct faculty member for the Maine Brew Bus and regularly speaks about Maine beer history. He also co-owns Print, an independent bookstore in Portland.

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