Fogtown Bar Harbor Chef Kat Courant. PHOTO COURTESY OF ASHLEY CONTI

Local brewery offers hand-crafted sausages

Chef Kat Courant displays Fogtown Bar Harbor’s new sausage program.

BAR HARBOR — Chef Kat Courant of Fogtown Brewing Company of Bar Harbor has formed a relationship with Colvard & Company owner Carter Light – and the result is tasty sausage.  

Light, who manufactures Colvard & Company sausages in a temperature-controlled production facility in Southwest Harbor for local restaurants and retailers, will help produce Fogtown’s specialty sausages. The arrangement gives Courant access to Carter’s advice and facility to create sausages with farm-to-table ingredients.  

“Carter worked with me to develop the recipes and go through the whole start to finish process, using the equipment,” Courant said. As such, the arrangement, according to Light, is exclusive.  

Though Light does produce sausages for some other establishments, he made an exception to allow Courant in his shop. “He never allows others to work with him hands on,” said Courant, who is grateful for the opportunity.  

Courant started cooking when she was just 14 years old and has since held every position in the restaurant business. “There was one place I used to work where I was the waitress, the bartender, the busser, the dishwasher and the sous chef,” she said. Several years working in restaurants allowed Courant to master her cooking skills and create many recipes, one of which was featured in John Holl’s new “The Craft Brewery Cookbook.” 

When Fogtown Brewing Company owners Jon Stein and Ian Heyse decided their new Fogtown Bar Harbor tasting room would offer food in 2020, they hired Courant to produce the food programs. In addition to their tasting room’s standard pizza program, Courant launched a Sunday Night Supper Club, which offered customers a three-course to-go meal when the winter’s pandemic restrictions were in full swing. She then went on to create a menu for a Chef’s Table program in 2021 that offers Fogtown Bar Harbor customers five- and sometimes six-course pre-fix gourmet meals during the winter months. 

This year, with Light’s help, Courant has spearheaded this new summer sausage program to include in the eatery’s staple seasonal menu. “We wanted to provide something that was special, but also quick and affordable for the locals,” Courant said. 

Kat Courant prepares food for Fogtown Bar Harbor.

Similar to Light, Courant sources locally farmed animals, some even fed on the brewery’s spent grain byproduct, to use as her main sausage ingredients.  “We have house pork and a house chicken right now,” she said. The animals are raised at Maple Lane Farms of Charleston. “I made both the pork sausage recipe and the pork sausages with Carter the first round,” which Carter stuffed with organic spices, Courant said. 

Light now handles the production process using the recipe that was established alongside Courant exclusively for Fogtown Brewing Company. 

“What we’re going to do is offer quick dog options,” Courant said. Some of the sausages will be placed in brioche rolls and topped with house-made sauces and pickled, locally grown vegetables. Other sausage on the menu will be featured in platters paired with lentil salad and baked beans with gluten-free options. 

This summer season, Fogtown will be networking with more farms to develop additional recipes. “It’s not just sausages. We want to see what works because we don’t want to be wasteful,” Courant said.  

Eventually Courant would like to offer the sausages for retail sale. 

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