Galaxy of ‘Star Wars’ events



BAR HARBOR — The Criterion Theatre will premiere “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens” on Thursday, Dec. 17, at 7 p.m. as part of a week of activities surrounding the release of the film.

“This movie is extra special,” said board member Steve Boucher. “So many people in this town remember seeing the first ‘Star Wars’ here at this theater. It means something for us to be able to bring the new release here.”

For the last few months, Boucher has headed a group of board members and community volunteers who have planned ways to best celebrate the community, the movie’s release and the theater.

“There has been a lot of planning that has gone into this event,” Boucher said. “We really want everyone to be a part of the fun.”

Towards that end, much of the downtown and surrounding merchants have joined in the excitement, resulting in a special street closure of a portion of Cottage Street from 3-6 p.m. during the premiere, as well as the creation of an “intergalactic passport.”

“Fans may pick up their blank passports at the theater, then collect stickers from participating shops that are designated as ‘planetary outposts,’ before returning them to the theater for potential prizes,” said Carrie Jones, board member.

The Criterion also will host a juried costume march, a Jedi Academy with light saber training, an exhibit of “fan art” and trivia contests. Prizes will be awarded in numerous categories. All are encouraged to participate. A Star Wars photo booth, complete with props, will be on site.

Criterion Director Heather Martin said that anticipation around this new release has been running high, as reflected by advance ticket sales.

“It is exciting to see so many people already lining up – virtually at least – to come be a part of the fun,” Martin said. “The movie will run through the 14th of January, so everyone will get a chance to see it, and I know some folks are coming more than once, so I certainly encourage folks to get tickets early.”

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