This Little Free Library was recently put up in Trenton. PHOTO COURTESY OF JACKIE WHEATON

Little library pops up

TRENTON — A New Little Free Library has popped up at 424 Oak Point Road. Stewards of the library are Jackie Wheaton and Mardie Nolan.

Little Free Libraries, small book exchanges housed in a multitude of venues, number 36,000 around the world in 70 countries, from Iceland to Tasmania to Pakistan. The book-sharing movement brings people together and creates communities of readers.

Wheaton was inspired by a piece in the Bangor Daily News about a book exchange in Belfast. She visited the couple who set up a portable library in the center of the city and was impressed. Wheaton ordered her library from because she knew it would be weatherproof. Ellsworth Builders in Town Hill kindly donated the materials for the post, and her neighbor, Blaine Richards, installed the library on Oct. 31.

“Trenton has no public library, and as a person who loves books and teaches literacy, that has never felt right. Now, we do have a library, albeit a tiny one. Its charm makes up for its size. Our library on Oak Point Road has children’s books as well as adults’,” said Wheaton.


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