Letter to Editor: Support for Luchini

To the Editor:

For the past eight years, Ellsworth and Trenton residents have been ably represented by State Rep. Louis Luchini of Ellsworth. Now, voters in Senate District 7, which includes most towns in Hancock County, will have the opportunity to elect Luchini as their representative to the Maine State Senate.

For the past six years, Luchini has served as House Chair of the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee, a position to which he was appointed in just his second term in office. From that post, Louis has championed legislation that addressed a wide range of issues critical to improving the well-being of Maine’s military veterans. For his work on veterans’ issues, Luchini was named Legislator of the Year in 2017 by the American Legion.

Rep. Luchini also has been a champion for important local institutions such as The Jackson Laboratory, Hancock County’s largest employer. He sponsored a $50 million bond to support research and development statewide. The bond included funds for the Lab.

Luchini is also known for working across party lines to enact legislation that protects Maine’s environment, increases employment opportunities for Maine’s working families, and supports Maine’s small business community.

Given all that Louis Luchini has accomplished as a member of the Maine House of Representatives, Senate District 7 voters would do well to extend his time in our citizen legislature by electing him as our next state senator on Nov. 6.

Chris Spruce, Ellsworth

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