Lego Day set

TREMONT — The Seal Cove Auto Museum will host its annual Lego Day on Saturday, April 7, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Families and kids of all ages are invited to come and be inspired by the unique collection of the earliest cars and motorcycles at the museum and then build their own creations with the museum’s Lego building blocks. The event is free and open to the public.

Participants are encouraged to explore the process of invention and innovation by taking an idea from concept to finished item and to experiment with different designs.

The Legos provided at the Seal Cove Auto Museum will remain the property of the museum; participants will not be able to take their creations home, but if participants build a replica of one of our cars, we will exhibit it next to the car during the month of May. This event is not affiliated with or sponsored by Lego.

Lego Day will be the first of many events this season that will use the museum’s antique autos to help inspire creativity and encourage artistic pursuits in conjunction with the museum’s new exhibit, “Selling Lifestyle and Leisure: Art, Advertising and the Automobile,” opening May 1.

Lego Day attendees will get a sneak peek of the exhibit, which uses a combination of original advertisements, large-scale reproductions, special “guest” vehicles and multimedia presentations to tell the story of automobile advertising and design, the social trends that shaped the ads and the artists and illustrators who created them.




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