Lecture examines Titanic’s legacy in Bar Harbor 

BAR HARBOR — Though not widely known, the legacy of the Titanic is woven within the fabric of Bar Harbor’s history. Wealthy summer residents of the town were affected by the tragedy. J.P. Morgan, with his company, was the ship’s owner, and other notable Bar Harbor summer residents, such as John Jacob Astor and Isidor and Ida Straus, were among those who perished.  

Author Mac Smith has stories to share of Mainers affected by the tragedy of the Titanic in his book, “Mainers on the Titanic.” Join Smith for a talk at The Bar Harbor Historical Society’s La Rochelle 4 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 18, for a historical lecture and book signing.  

Copies of his Smith’s book will be available for purchase at the end of the program.  

To register for the free event, go online to https://barharborhistorical.org. 

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