Kirsten Stockman, author of “Remembered Earth.” A launch event for the novel, published posthumously, will take place at the Jesup Memorial Library on March 11. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE JESUP

Launch event planned for Stockman novel

BAR HARBOR — A launch of Kirsten Stockman’s novel “Remembered Earth” will take place at the Jesup Memorial Library on Saturday, March 11, at 1:30 p.m.

The event will feature selected readings by four actors with local Maine roots: Nan Lincoln, Alexandra Lincoln, Carl Karush and Cindy Robbins. It will open with singing by the Maine Balkan Choir, a group founded by Stockman two decades ago, with a guest appearance by Elitsa Stoyneva, an award-winning Bulgarian vocalist.

Kirsten Stockman died in 2013 as a result of colon cancer. Her novel was published posthumously by Maine Authors Publishing and released in the fall of 2016.

“Remembered Earth” unfolds in the farmland of central Kansas during the course of one summer. It includes a wide array of characters set against the backdrop of a Kansas wheat harvest. Overarching themes include Harlan’s courage, Jon’s anger, Hazen’s heart, Anna’s 1954 pickup truck, Max’s dementia, Grady’s fear, Bea’s hunger, Anna’s Ivy League scholarship, Anna’s heart, and the drought, the drought, when will it ever rain?

The author’s husband, Tom Crikelair, said that readings for the book launch have been selected to provide a brief but full measure of what the novel has to offer.

“We have tried to put together a dramatic event that will stand on its own, even for people who do not read the book,” Crikelair said.

The program includes songs from the choir, a poem by Bar Harbor poet Kim O’Brien, and selections from the novel in two parts, with a brief intermission.

“Remembered Earth” will be for sale at the library from March 7-18, with all proceeds going to the library’s annual operating fund. The book also is available at Sherman’s Books and from Amazon. More information about Stockman’s novel can be found at

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