Linda and Ken Perrin, owners with a handful of other artists of Island Artisans, at Friday’s Art Walk with their abstract blown glass piece “Tribute to Acadia.” ISLANDER PHOTO BY LIZ GRAVES

Island Artisans present a ‘Tribute to Acadia’

BAR HARBOR — An unusual artistic tribute to the celebration of Acadia National Park and the National Park Service’s centennials is on display this month at Island Artisans on Main Street.

Glassblowers Ken and Linda Perrin, part of the small group of artist-owners of Island Artisans, unveiled the blown glass sculptural installation at Friday’s Art Walk.

“Tribute to Acadia” consists of blown glass “spin-outs,” the artists call them – flower-like glass pieces made by spinning the glass into a wide sheet and letting it droop forward to create the wavy shape. They are clear glass with blue and green in different patterns.

At the center is a small house, stitched together with red thread, inside which one can see reflections of the clouds and mountains suggested outside.

“It is about how we go out into the park and always bring a bit of its beauty back inside of us when we return,” Linda Perrin said. “We are lucky to live near such an inspiring place. It informs so much of our glass work and lives.”

They settled on the symbol of the house as an anchor, Ken Perrin said. “It’s about how we brought the outside inside, into our homes, into our hearts. It’s pretty abstract, but there are the mountains and the clouds, and we have suggestions of water, trees, clouds, energy. I think people who revere the park are in tune with the energy there.”

Much of the work at Island Artisans is inspired by the natural beauty of Mount Desert Island, Linda Perrin said, and it’s important that that beauty has been preserved through the efforts of the National Park Service and others.

“The piece is our way of saying, ‘Hail to the visionaries of the past who preserved this national treasure. And thank you for the joy it brings to our everyday life!’ ”

Island Artisans plans open house events and new featured exhibits of which other owner-artists will be curators. Stoneware artist Carole Beal also is being featured. Artist-owners include Cherie Magnello, Chong Lim, Sue Hill, Abigail Goodyear and Margaret Bundy.

Liz Graves

Liz Graves

Reporter at Mount Desert Islander
Former Islander reporter and editor Liz Graves grew up in California and came to Maine as a schooner sailor.

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