A vigil on the National Day of Action for Children in the Village Green in Bar Harbor. PHOTO COURTESY OF JENNIFER BOOHER

Immigration vigil held

BAR HARBOR — Indivisible MDI held a vigil on the Bar Harbor Village Green on June 1 as part of a nonviolent National Day of Action for Children.

The event was organized in response to reports of a growing number of children and youth separated from their immigrant families at U.S. national borders or their homes by current immigration policies.

There were 698 paper figures of many shapes and sizes. That’s the number, the group said, of real children separated from their parents at the border and placed in government custody in the first 13 days after the new policy was enacted.

Children as young as 18-months-old reportedly have been separated from their families; parents do not know the whereabouts of their children, and children only know that they are not with their parents.

Speakers said the new policy is inhumane and called for its denunciation by members of Congress and faith communities.


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