This photo of a floating market in Vietnam will be part of a presentation with photos and videos by Bob Thayer May 31 at the Jesup. PHOTOS COURTESY OF JESUP LIBRARY

Images of Vietnam

BAR HARBOR — Bob Thayer will share photographs and videos from his time in Vietnam Friday, May 31, at 7 p.m. at the Jesup Memorial Libray.

“For many Americans the word Vietnam conjures memories of war and discord,” Thayer said in a statement. “But after nearly 50 years, visiting the country again, with a friendlier mission, is both revealing and rewarding.”

His photographs highlight how the Vietnam of today maintains much of its ancient culture while embracing modernity. The program will explore the country both before and after the Vietnam War and will show many of the beautiful sights.

Thayer and his wife worked as educators in Massachusetts and summered in Maine for many years. They now live on Mount Desert Island.

Thayer works seasonally as a park naturalist and devotes much of his time developing his second career as a photographer. Most of his work focuses on nature.

Contact 288-4245.

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