Riley Thompson,

How to make a short film and how I still don’t know

BAR HARBOR — Riley Thompson will speak at the College of the Atlantic Human Ecology Forum on Thursday, Feb. 27 at 4:10 p.m. in the McCormick Lecture Hall.

Thompson, with no prior directing experience, led a very small team to create a 10-minute, fully animated film on a very tight budget. After being asked to do the film, despite her lack of experience, Thompson devoted all of her time to the project for six months, learning how to hire and direct teammates and mediating the creator’s ambitious ideas with limited time and resources. Thompson will discuss how she brought the varied visual and musical ideas of the creator from a loosely structured story to a film being received by film festivals around the world.

Thompson is an animator based in Providence, R.I. She discovered her love for animation through a course at COA, where she combined her interests in art and science creating educational animations about scientific concepts and health-related topics for broad audiences. Thompson specializes in various forms of 2D animation including hand drawn animation, stop motion and motion graphics.

Contact 288-5015.


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