Historical society seeks pandemic stories

TREMONT—The Tremont Historical Society is looking for more personal written or oral accounts, photos and/or videos of how residents and visitors here are being affected in their daily lives by the COVID19 pandemic.  

Understanding that it is sometimes hard knowing where to start such an effort, here is a list of questions that might help: 


Name and age are optional, though encouraged.  


Are you a Tremont yearround resident, seasonal resident or visitor? 

How long have you lived in Tremont? 

Did you come to Tremont because you felt it was a healthier place to be during the pandemic? 

What changes occurred in your working and social life when the pandemic came to your state, town or city? Are you able to continue to work from home? Are you going outside your home to work? Have you socially isolated yourself from family and friends? 

Have family members living in other areas come home to live with you? 

What was that like for you when schools closed and children had to stay at home? 

Has your family had difficulty obtaining food and other household necessities? 

Have you been involved either as a volunteer or recipient of activities to assist people who have had to quarantine themselves, like delivering or assembling groceriesmeals on wheels, and such? 

Have you used Zoom, Facetime, Skype, etc., during time at home? How often and for what purposes? 

Do you spend more time walking and other outdoor activities? 

Do you have hobbies that you spend more time on than usual or have you developed new hobbies?  

Are you following recommended procedures for keeping you and your neighbors safe from the virus, like mask wearing, social distancing and handwashing? 

In what ways do you believe the pandemic has permanently changed your life? 


The society will archive submissions in their collection at the Bass Harbor Country Store Museum. Please submit materials to [email protected] and say if they can be used in the future in writing about this pandemic. 


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