An exhibit of Star Theatre materials on display at the Bar Harbor Historical Society. The theater was located at the corner of Cottage and Rodick Streets in Bar Harbor. ISLANDER FILE PHOTO

Historical Record: Town busy despite an active winter

From the January 1916 issue of The Bar Harbor Times

By Deborah Dyer, director, Bar Harbor Historical Society

Butter-Kist Pop Corn was king of the snacks offered at the Star Theatre in Bar Harbor in 1916. ISLANDER FILE PHOTO

The Star Theatre has been passing out coupons during the week, enabling the holders to obtain a 10-cent carton of Butter Kist popcorn for 1/2 price. Those who are acquainted with the toothsome concoction need no second invitation.

The Star Theatre will present “The Galloper” with Clifton Crawford in the leading role, supported by Melville Stewart, Fania Marinoff and Rhye Alexander. This is a 4-reel comedy drama adapted from the play of Richard Harding Davis.

It is understood that the annual ball given by the “Hayseeders” will take place during the first week of February. This has always been one of the most enjoyable affairs of the year, and is a peculiarly Bar Harbor institution to which invitations are eagerly sought.

The sleighing for the past few weeks has been excellent, but with the milder weather of the past few days, it has been pretty thin around town and the driver has sometimes been in doubt whether to use wheels or runners.

The crop of automobiles, which disappeared from the streets temporarily during the heavy snows of mid-December has reappeared and many Bar Harbor people make it a point to run their cars throughout the entire winter.

Sproul’s Grocery (where Acadia Country Store is now) on Main Street closed its doors this week and the stock and fixtures will be disposed of. Mr. Sproul has been in the grocery business here for many years.

Work has commenced on the Bowdoin addition to the Bar Harbor hospital. The plans call for a greatly enlarged men’s ward and a solarium. W. Grindle is the general contractor. Orlando Wescott will do the mason work; Mr. Lawford the painting; Lymburner & Hodgkins the lighting; Pierce, the heating; Silk, the plumbing; I. Howland Jones of Boston the architect.

Mrs. John Livingston, Charles Paine & A.M. McDonald are the building committee. The work will be finished before spring.

The new 1917 license plates have begun to make their appearance about the town this week, although they have been rather slow in putting their appearance on account of a delay in receiving the shipment in Augusta. The new plates are just reverse of the 1916 plates and are white with blue raised numerals, the general design being the same.

There are still a few car owners around town who have not put on their new plates, but they are rapidly decreasing, and a few days now will find the new plates entirely in use.

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