“Head of Somes Sound” by Kathleen Hall. IMAGE COURTESY OF KATHLEEN HALL

Hall to exhibit at NEH Library

MOUNT DESERT — Paintings by Kathleen Hall will be on exhibit at the Northeast Harbor Library from Sept. 16 through the end of the month. Hall’s textural, impressionistic style is built layer by layer as she explores different methods and materials.

“I liken the process of creating paintings to a storyteller weaving a tale. The narrator incorporates well-crafted descriptions and engaging dialog to develop the story and slowly reveal the plot. Similarly, when I paint, I apply layer upon layer of thick, juicy oil paint and make deliberate, decisive marks with a palette knife or other mark-making tools. …What people notice most about my paintings are the texture, dimension and colors, often complementary hues, juxtaposed to create energy and build tension,” said Hall. Visit www.kathleenhallart.com.

The exhibit will be open during the library’s operating hours. Call 276-3333.


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