The Seal Cove Auto Museum, along with the Mount Desert Island Historical Society, will host History Happy Hour at the Jesup on Oct. 4. IMAGE COURTESY OF THE SEAL COVE AUTO MUSEUM

‘Ghost hunters’ to hit happy hour

BAR HARBOR — A Haunted Houses edition of History Happy Hour will be hosted by the Mount Desert Island Historical Society and the Seal Cove Auto Museum at the Jesup Memorial Library on Wednesday, Oct. 4, from 7-9 p.m. Mulled wine, beer and light snacks will be served. The event is free of charge.

Two “ghost hunters” will speak on how they got started in this pursuit and will share anecdotes about some of the hunts they have done. Stories of hauntings and the events that trigger them are rooted in the history of a place, keeping us tied to local history through legend, stories and historical research.

Dustin Marcia had several experiences as a child which led him to believe in the paranormal. After hearing the stories of others and having more experiences of his own, Marcia then created Central Maine Ghost Hunters in 2012. Originally just two members, the group of seven investigates the paranormal in and around central Maine.

Travis Hartford also has had experiences with the paranormal since childhood and seeks to find answers to questions about such experiences with his wife, Danielle. With tech specialists, investigators, a historian and a clairvoyant, they formed G.R.I.M. (Ghost Research and Investigations of Maine) Paranormal in 2014 to find a healthy balance between scientific skepticism and open-minded exploration of the unknown.

The evening is part of a History Happy Hour series geared toward members of the two history organizations. Patrons of the Jesup Memorial Library also are invited to attend this special Haunted Houses edition. These events provide an opportunity for members to mingle with friends, neighbors and fellow history buffs, imbibe local spirits and learn a little something new. Nonmembers have the opportunity to join both the Seal Cove Auto Museum and MDIHS at a special dual membership rate of $50.

Contact Erin Early Ward at the Mount Desert Island Historical Society at 276-9323 or [email protected].

The Mount Desert Island Historical Society fosters meaningful engagement with the histories of Mount Desert Island. The Seal Cove Auto Museum tells the story of innovation and ingenuity in New England and America through the early development of the automobile.

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