Detail from a Jennifer May felted skirt. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE NORTHEAST HARBOR LIBRARY

Felted skirt workshop planned

MOUNT DESERT — An unconventional sewing workshop with Jennifer May will take place at the Northeast Harbor Library on Saturday, Feb. 17, at 1 p.m.

May calls it “mindfully made wearable art.” Participants will make a skirt from felted wool sweaters. They should find two large wool sweaters they are willing to felt. If the sweaters are all wool and are washed in hot water with a lot of soap then put in the dryer, they should felt up and be easy to sew.

May’s approach to garment construction does not involve pattern making. She will teach how to shape the garment directly on the body.

Participants will work in pairs, and the workshop is limited to 12. Call to sign up, 276-3333. Besides bringing their own sweater materials, participants need to bring their own sewing machines or be willing to sew by hand. This workshop is free of charge.


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