Actress Gigi Edgley, known for her role as Chiana in the science fiction series “Farscape," will headline Bar Harbor Comic Con on March 25 at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel in Bar Harbor. PHOTO COURTESY OF BH COMIC CON

Fantasy world is stage at Bar Harbor Comic Con

BAR HARBOR — A visit by actress Gigi Edgley, known for her role as Chiana in the science fiction series “Farscape,” and a replica of KITT, the high tech car from the television series “Knight Rider,” will be among the dozens of gaming, fantasy and cosplay exhibitors and dealers, illustrators, artists and authors at the first-ever Bar Harbor Comic Con at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel on Saturday, March 25, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The event, a benefit for the Park Street Playground Project, is being organized by Chris Schwartz, known locally as the Bar Harbor Batman.

A replica of KITT, the high-tech car from the “Knight Rider” TV series, also will be at Bar Harbor Comic Con, thanks to builder Leni S. Gronros of Rockport.

“For those who can’t get to another Comic Con, we’re bringing it to you,” said the fictional Dark Knight. “The whole point of the event is fun, fun for the entire family, with a chance to help out the local playground,” he added.

Along with the headliners and Bar Harbor Batman, other participants include:

Lawton Mann – Maine visual artist; Art Gowie – Maine artist, graphic designer, CornApple; Jeffery Danger Perry – Maine visual artist, Hi-Freq Sub-Cult; Jayson Stickney – SoulStrikeStudios, Maine Artist; Barry Longyear – Maine Author of do it yourself, fiction, manuals and the sc-fi classic “Enemy Mine” (made into a major motion picture); Carrie Jones – Maine author of both fantasy and nonfantasy novels, including the paranormal series “Need”; Horror Writers of Maine – A group of Maine horror authors that are self-published; O’Chang Comics – creators of “Temp Tales;” Eagre Games – Maine computer game company with founder Charles Carter (Dune, MYST, Babylon5); Melissa Walshe – Maine sci-fi and fantasy writer; Christopher Mills – Maine comic writer and author; Hugh Martin Tims – Maine artist and illustrator; Paul Pelletier – Artist on “Aquaman,” “DC Cyborg” and “Justice League”; Tyson Pease – Maine comic artist and illustrator; Amanda Kahl – Maine comic artist and illustrator of “Age of Night;” Andjelko Napijalo – Portland police officer, creator and author of “Nightmare Warriors”; Nor’Easter Gaming Expo – hosting open table top and computer gaming; BangPop – showcasing upcoming events, SnowCon gaming convention and more; Maine Ghostbusters – paranormal exterminators and philanthropy group; MACE – Maine Association of Cosplay – a community charity costuming group; Israel Skelton – head of Skelton Crew Studio LLC, the exclusive home to officially licensed replicas; Zimmie’s Comics – Lewiston comic shop; Comics Plus – Ellsworth, vendor and Magic the Gathering tournament; Studio 36 – Maine native Jodi Renshaw photographs lifelike scenes with toys; – Earl Brechlin offering real diplomas in hypothetical disciplines; Cemetery Theater – Bangor theater and film group; Water Farmer Toys – toys and collectibles; Zac Bender – Zac’s Toys & Collectables; Northeast Collectibles of Brewer, comic and gaming store; J.T. Burton – Bar Harbor Comics and collectibles; Nick Alley – Comics, collectibles, gaming systems and more; and Don Sargent – End of the World Gaming and Miniatures Dungeons & Dragons Kings Festival module B11.

Entertainers at Bar Harbor Comic Con include Maine musicians Eric Green and Ryan Halliburton and DJ Bat-Tastick.

The Knight Rider replica car is being included thanks to its creator Leni S. Gronros of Rockport. It is nearly identical to the Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT), the futuristic car driven by star David Hasselhoff for the show “Knight Rider,” which ran from 1982 to 1986. Gronros has been quoted as saying that his car “is as close as you can possibly get without buying one of the Universal cars” from the original show.

Headliner Edgley has recently completed shooting “Hashtag,” a short SyFy film. Previously, she was filming “Whisky Sour,” which also was produced in Los Angeles.

As host of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge, Edgley was charged with introducing each week’s challenge to the group of contestants. The internationally renowned actress is originally from Australia. Edgley has a long and rich history with The Jim Henson Company beginning with her role as Chiana on the company’s critically acclaimed sci-fi cult series, “Farscape.”

First cast as a guest star for one episode, she quickly captured the attention of the writers, producers and the fans alike. The mischievous Chiana became one of the most popular, and at times controversial, characters in the series.

Additionally, Edgley has appeared in countless film and television series including “Rescue Special Ops,” USA’s “Starter Wife,” “Tricky Business,” SyFy’s “Showdown at Area 51” and “Quantum Apocalypse,” “Carlotta,” “Newcastle,” “Black Jack,” “Peacekeeper Wars,” “Stingers,” “Secret Life of Us,” “Beastmaster,” “Lost World,” “Water Rats” and “Day of Roses.”

Edgley also is a recording artist, creator of original comic books, director and producer. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the Queensland University of Technology. See videos at

The Park Street Playground Project was established in 2011 to fund the rebuilding of the town of Bar Harbor’s public playground. Their mission is to create a safe and accessible outdoor environment that promotes health, imaginative play and developmental learning for the children of Bar Harbor and the neighboring MDI communities.

Admission to Bar Harbor Comic Con is by suggested donation of $5 per person, $15 per family. Special rates are available for those wishing to stay at the Atlantic Oceanside. Make a reservation online or call 1-866-599-6674.

For more information, contact Christopher Schwartz at 664-3456 or email [email protected].

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