Conners Emerson student Seamus Colby of Bar Harbor prepares school supplies for local students who need them. PHOTO COURTESY OF WINTER RUMILL

Famous Seamus turns his attention to school supplies

BAR HARBOR — Nine-year-old Seamus Colby of Bar Harbor has been raising money to buy school supplies for students who need them.  

The soon-to-be third grader, who just last year raised $5,000 for the Hancock County SPCA in Trenton, has already gathered enough funds to provide 40 students with backpacks full of educational items to start their 2021 school year. 

“It all started because he watched a commercial for the ASPCA and he started crying,” said Colby’s mother Winter Rumill, who has helped support his causes. The commercial, which features Sarah McLachlan singing a somber song over clips of stray animals, inspired Colby to raise funds for the Hancock County SPCA by hosting bake sales and raffles. 

Now Colby’s goal is to make sure that all students who need it have a backpack full of school supplies. He was able to purchase an initial 24 backpacks with a $200 contribution from country rapper Justin Time of Indiana and has since been accepting additional donations to continue the effort. 

The Conners Emerson student has his own Facebook group called Famous Seamus Colby, where he posts his fundraising goals and lists the materials needed to make the program possible.  

“There were a couple of people who just ordered it all on Amazon and had it sent to our house. Other people came by to drop off money and his 20 backpacks turned into 40 backpacks,” said Rumill.  

The first 20 backpacks will go to students at Conners Emerson School. Rumill said that an additional 20 backpacks will be divided between the Tremont Consolidated School and local children who need them.  

Amazon boxes with supplies are currently stacked at Colby’s house waiting to be divvied up.  

“Donating to the community makes me feel good and I want to keep doing it,” said Colby. He said he appreciates all who have helped make the program possible with their contributions. 

His next project is a snack program with Bar Harbor Congregational Church pastor Rob Benson. 

“They pack little bags of food for kids whose families have food insecurities. It’s got a thing of tomato sauce and some noodles, a box of macaroni and cheese, some crackers, so we’re planning a walk-a-thon to try and raise money for it. He [Benson] calls it the snack program,” said Rumill.  

Colby plans to get the Mount Desert Island High School student council involved in the walk-a-thon.  

“We really want to say that we are thankful to live in such an amazing community,” said Rumill. Colby added that without the help of the community, he would not be able to help those who are in need.  

Those who want to donate to the program can visit and join the Famous Seamus Colby Facebook page.  

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