Matthew Edney surrounded by maps. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE CLAREMONT HOTEL

Expert to talk about Capt. Smith’s maps

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Matthew H. Edney will give an illustrated lecture about the maps of Capt. John Smith at the Claremont Hotel on Thursday, Aug. 4, at 8:15 p.m.

Few early maps are as burdened with myths and misconceptions as Smith’s map of New England. Almost every aspect of the map has been misunderstood. In this liberally illustrated public lecture, Edney, a professor of cartography at the University of Southern Maine, begins with the map’s portrait of Smith to reveal how the map is less a precise record of Smith’s 1614 voyage and more a complex portrait of a man, a region and a colonial ideal.

Contact Edney at [email protected].

Contact the Claremont Hotel at 244-5036 or [email protected].

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