Jacques Newell Taylor shows off a spinning bike that adjusts for comfort. ISLANDER PHOTO BY NINAH GILE

Excercse Design Lab designs client-specific workouts

BAR HARBOR — Personal trainer Jacques Newell Taylor recently hosted an open house at his Bar Harbor business, Exercise Design Lab, where he features equipment that is strategically designed to fit people’s needs.

“It was a great turnout. I was pleasantly surprised that a lot of clients brought friends and family,” said Newell Taylor. His studio has been in business for over two years, and he provides personalized workouts for each client.

Newell Taylor studied neuroscience in school where he learned about physics applied to the body in a resistance training specialist program. With his exercise studio, Newell Taylor aims to design exercise experiences for clients from a neurosystems point of view. “Everything in exercise is orchestrated by the brain,” he said.

“Workouts are different for everyone because everybody has different goals and preferences,” he said. His training techniques feature a combination of standard and professional equipment that can be found in sports teams’ facilities. Devices are used to measure force output and change resistance gradually by a tenth of a pound that can be specific to a client.

The personal trainer uses a 10-pound dumbbell, which he attaches to a cable, that contains a dynamometer wrapped around push pulleys. He uses the dynamometer to measure the amount of force that is coming through the cable, which changes the amount of pounds on the weight that the client pulls. “Even though that says the weight is 10 pounds, it’s now 20 pounds, so there’s a difference in the way it feels to people as they move,” Newell Taylor said.

There are sensors Newell Taylor attaches to clients that give him insight for how their body uses oxygen and controls muscles so he can give them specific instructions. “What I help people to do is make something sustainable that actually works,” he said.

His shop’s spinning bike can be adjusted for more comfort and has a magnetic flywheel to be adjusted to a digital gear that allows people to reproduce the same workout each time clients use it. “The bike’s power readings can be measured and adjustments can be made as people go,” he said.

The Exercise Design Lab also promotes other facilities by offering one-time visits for clients who want to adjust their workout experience at a different gym.

Many people who can’t afford Newell Taylor’s services can be helped with a discount. This holiday season, every dollar spent by a client will be matched by him to help someone in need.

For more information about Exercise Design Lab, visit www.exercisedesignlab.com or The Exercise Design Lab page on Facebook.

Ninah Rein

Ninah Rein

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