Bess Koffman, an assistant professor of geology at Colby College, will speak at the College of the Atlantic May 3. PHOTO COURTESY OF COA

Dust in ice cores gives climate clues

BAR HARBOR — Paleoclimate scientist Bess Koffman will talk about her research using mineral dust to track wind patterns over thousands of years May 3 at the College of the Atlantic. The free talk is open to the public and takes place at 4:10 p.m. in McCormick Lecture Hall.

Koffman’s research focuses on learning about past changes in Earth’s atmospheric circulation by analyzing mineral dust from the ice cores.

“The dust particles hold a lot of information: the particle size gives clues about distance to source and wind strength, and its geochemical composition suggests provenance and transport pathways,” organizers said. “Koffman also studies the impacts of dust and volcanic deposition on marine ecosystems, where these particles can serve as an important fertilizer.”

Koffman, an assistant professor of geology at Colby College, has 12 years’ experience working in the field of ice core paleoclimatology. She completed an undergraduate degree in geology at Carleton College and earned a Ph.D. in earth and climate science at the University of Maine. She is originally from Southwest Harbor.

The Seminar in Climate Change 2019 Speaker Series is sponsored by the Anne M. and Robert T. Bass Geoscience Chair Fund.

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