Filmmaker Peter Logue has begun work on a documentary about the consolidation of high schools on Mount Desert Island nearly 50 years ago. ISLANDER FILE PHOTO

Documentary seeks stories

BAR HARBOR — Preproduction has begun for the upcoming documentary “Consolidation,” which will explore the story of Pemetic High School, Bar Harbor High School and Mount Desert High School merging to create Mount Desert Island High School in 1968.

Director Peter Logue, who also directed “The Fire of ’47,” will interview people who have stories to share over the next few months. The film’s producers are asking community members who would like to be featured in the film to send an email with a brief synopsis of their story and memories to [email protected] Logue will select the interview subjects based on these submissions to ensure that a wide range of stories and perspectives are included in the film.

While the focal point of the film will be on the inception of MDI High School in 1968, the filmmakers are interested in documenting stories about the events leading up to it, as well as any pertinent stories about the high school over the ensuing years.

“Much like my interviews with the community members featured in ‘The Fire of ’47 film, I’m looking forward to talking to people, on camera, to capture the myriad of stories out there regarding the high school consolidation,” said Logue. “We will begin to identify our storytellers immediately, and the plan is to start interviewing people in early February.”

Filmmakers credit John Bennett, MDIHS Class of 1970, for coming up with the title of the film.

“Those of us who have friends or family members who were in the first classes to attend MDI have long listened to stories of the beginning,” said Executive Producer Kim Swan. “When Peter and I were listening to some of those 1968 stories from John, he said that all everybody talked about back then was consolidation, consolidation, consolidation. Peter’s ears perked up, and he said, ‘I think we have our name.'”

Those with stories to share about the high school are encouraged to submit them by Feb. 5. The film is set to premiere in September to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the consolidation.

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