Dispatcher Seavey releases debut novel

BAR HARBOR — If you call for emergency services in Bar Harbor, Nicole Seavey may be the calm voice on the other end. Her job as dispatcher is to stay calm and get you the help you need.

Despite having a fast-paced job and a family, Seavey has found time to pursue her passion of writing. Her first book, a mystery/suspense novel called “Minor Indiscretions,” came out in July from CreateSpace Independent Publishing.

The book tells the story of a woman who seems to have everything; a perfect house, hard-working husband, and a young son. She is not quite content. She has an affair, and while she is caught up in that, her son is abducted. The rest of the novel unravels the mystery of what happened.

When asked what inspired the book, Seavey said, “It always starts with ‘what if.’ It starts with one scenario, and the plot twists that go around in my head.”

Even though she works in a police department, “I actually don’t pull anything from work,” she said. “What I deal with at work is other people’s stories; their real lives. I make sure everything [in my writing] is an imaginary situation.”

Her job does come in handy helping her to understand what goes on behind the scenes in police investigations, though. In the acknowledgments, she thanks her co-workers for answering her questions.

Seavey grew up in Dexter, and said she has wanted to live on Mount Desert Island since she was a kid. She has lived on the island for 12 years.

Her favorite authors include Wally Lamb, Gillian Flynn, and Stephen King, which is “not surprising for a Maine girl,” she quips.

To pursue her dream of being a writer, Seavey has had to be creative in finding the time. “Sometimes I write things down on my phone when my husband is driving,” she says. “I wrote this book last year, when my daughter was an infant … she’d fall asleep, and I’d have a good half an hour [to write].”

She says her family has been very supportive in seeing she has the time she needs to write; and she believes that pursuing her passion sends a good message to her kids.

When asked what advice she has for aspiring writers, she said, “I think you should always write the book you want to read. There will be people who are interested.”

Seavey has been encouraged by the support and enthusiasm for her book. Sherman’s of Bar Harbor has had to restock the book, and online reviews have been very positive.

With her first book now in print, Seavey is working on a new book, and planning to rework an earlier unpublished work. Having self-published her first book and seeing there is a market for her writing, she looks forward to working with a publisher on future books. “It’s a process, but I’m ready for it,” she said.

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Former Islander reporter Becky Pritchard covered the town of Bar Harbor and was a park ranger in Acadia for six seasons.
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