The Soledad Ensemble will perform “The Seven Ravens Project” at the Barn in Bass Harbor on June 17. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE BARN ARTS COLLECTIVE

Dance piece, folk tale coming to Tremont

TREMONT — “Dreaming Into Being + I Hope You Like Me” will be performed at Pacific Hall in West Tremont on Friday, June 16, at 7 p.m. “The Seven Ravens Project,” an adaptation of a Grimm’s tale by the Soledad Ensemble, will be staged at the Barn in Bass Harbor on Saturday, June 17, at 7 p.m. Both shows are part of the Barn Arts Collective’s Arts Residency Program.

NYC-based 96B Dance is made up of Audrey Pincus and Lillian Stamey. The two artists will dive into unique expressions of their own self-image, acting as each other’s mirror as they embark on solo endeavors that explore the many voices of the ego. Both solo pieces, “Dreaming into Being” and “I Hope You Like Me,” will be presented as one program on Friday.

The Soledad Ensemble, led by Marisol Soledad, is a diverse group of female physical theater performers. Their work-in-development, “The Seven Ravens Project,” is a theatrical adaptation of the Brothers Grimm tale about a young girl’s epic quest to reunite with her long-lost brothers and reverse a curse. The piece mashes up this fantastical tale with the true, heroic, tragic and triumphant stories of contemporary child migrants, immigrants and refugees across the world.

“‘The Seven Ravens Project’ incorporates song, movement, puppetry and projections to shed light on one of today’s most pressing sociopolitical issues,” said Soledad. “We’ll look at these issues through the lenses of allegory, fantasy and play.”

Events at the Barn occur every week throughout the summer and are offered by donation.

The Barn Arts Residency Program is a free opportunity for artists to develop a new work of performance on Mount Desert Island. Barn Arts provides free housing and rehearsal and performance space, and the visiting artists present a public event of their work-in-progress at the end of each residency.

The Barn Arts Collective brings people together for live events that make the arts and creativity a vital part of life on Mount Desert Island and beyond. Visit

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