Artist Perry Taylor will visit Sherman's Books in Bar Harbor Oct. 10 with author Lisa Steele. The two recently teamed up to create the children's book "Let's Hatch Chicks." PHOTO COURTESY OF SHERMAN'S

Cute chicks at Sherman’s

BAR HARBOR — Last year, Maine author Lisa Steele teamed up with French artist Perry Taylor to write the children’s book “Let’s Hatch Chicks.” Steele and Taylor will sign copies of the book Wednesday, Oct. 10 from 1 – 2 p.m. at Sherman’s Books in Bar Harbor.

“Both will be signing copies of the book which will be available for sale that day, and Perry will delight children with his whimsical drawings,” a statement from Sherman’s said.

Born and bred in New England, Lisa Steele is a 5th-generation chicken keeper and Maine Master Gardener. She’s the founder of Fresh Eggs Daily (, the popular natural chicken keeping site, and the acclaimed author of several top-selling books on raising backyard flocks.

Originally from Oxford, England, Perry Taylor fell in love with Gascony because it reminded him of the countryside of his youth. Through his portrayals of French rural life, he’s been adopted by the locals, who call him the ‘Anglo-Gascon.’

Perry’s award-winning book “Petites Gasconneries” contains more than 90 drawings that provide a delightful and slightly irreverent compilation of life in the slow lanes of southern France. He has since published “Bons Moments” and “Le Selfie Gascon.”

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