Employing her ability to sense people’s energy, Toby Michelle Alley provides intuitive counsel and guidance about the past, present and future. PHOTO COURTESY OF TOBY MICHELLE ALLEY

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TOWN HILL — What happens at the moment of death? Is there life after death? Does consciousness exist outside of the body, and if so, can you communicate with that consciousness? Psychics and mediums are mostly known for their heightened perceptions or their abilities to communicate with the afterlife. Town Hill resident Toby Michelle Alley has harnessed these traits but prefers to call herself an intuitive 

Aside from her full-time job as a cook at Birch Bay Retirement Village in Bar Harbor, Alley also gives intuitive readings. “Sometimes I find myself cornered in the break room giving impromptu readings and counsel to my coworkers,” she said.  

Employing her ability to sense people’s energy, Alley provides intuitive counsel and guidance about the past, present and future.  

“Usually when a client comes to me with something, they either want to connect with somebody who has crossed over or they are having trouble with some aspect of their life that needs attention,” said Alley 

Over time, the intuitive has developed skills to reveal entities, identify hidden information and even channel spirits.  

“I think I probably started doing readings in my late teens, early 20s, so I’ve been doing this for probably 35 years,” she said.  

Alley believes that everything is about energy. “I read energy, whether it’s from a physical person sitting in front of me or from the energies around them,” she said. Everything is vibrationeverything that appears solid to us is really vibrating.” 

When somebody transitions to nonphysical, Alley thinks they become pure energy. “So those energies never really leave, they are always still around us, and since like energies tend to attract like energies, it’s all a magnetic attraction with that energy,” she noted. 

Those who have crossed over leave their energy behind, which Alley claims stays with their loved ones.  

“As somebody sits with me in a session, I can feel and see the energies of those who have crossed overI usually see them over the right or the left shoulder,” she said.  

Having no information about her clients, she can interpret energy to identify and describe the spirits of their deceased loved ones. 

“As people transition, they become pure energy and leave their physical bodies, but interestingly, the way I interpret them is in their physical form because as human beings we tend to give energy a shape or sometimes actual energies appear in their old human form in order to be recognized, she said. 

Though Alley spends most of her sessions communicating with energies of the deceased, she can also read the auras of her clients. When talking about the spirit world, an aura is considered an emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and is regarded as an essential part of the individual.  

“I can see people’s auras and colors,” said Alley. “Sometimes if they are having a physical issue, a blackness in their aura will appear around the part of their body that’s having the issue and I can do a little bit of medical divination.” 

As a reiki practitioner, Alley said she can hold a space for someone to raise their own energy vibration so their bodies can heal.  

“If there is an unbalanced area on your body that’s not getting enough energy flow, reiki can help the energy flow more smoothly to create a healing effect,” she said. 

By reading the energy of clients, Alley can most accurately tell them things about their life as it’s happening or what’s happened in the past. “People ask if I do tarot readings and I say no because I just found with experience that the cards kind of get in the way and I didn’t even really need them,” she said.  

“I’m not trained in taking a person with me to regress into their past life, but I can read past lives,” Alley said. Quite frequently, she claims to have visions of people’s past lives that help clients figure out what is going on in their present life and to help navigate future situations.  

“At our very corewe are energy, you could call that a soul,” said Alley. “We come into our physical bodies as an energetic mass that we carry with us while we’re in our physical bodies and once our physical bodies are done, we continue on as that energy mass because you can’t really create or destroy energy, we go on as energy.”  

Though there are many claims that these energy reading abilities are rare, Alley believes that anyone can do it. “Anybody in the world can do what I do because we all can read each other’s energies. It’s just that we get so separated from it and some of us may have been taught that it’s evil or scary or it’s the devil’s work, whatever that is,” Alley said.  

Alley hopes that clients in need of energy readings and intuitive council will reach out to her. To view Alley’s services, visit Moonshadow Medicine on Facebook. 

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