• Herons are harbingers of spring

    Herons are harbingers of spring

    Great blue herons have arrived once again into our area of Maine; the sights and pleasures of a new spring season are slowly appearing. These magnificent herons are with us for many months and are seen along the shore areas and in and about island ponds, lakes and streams They are big birds, standing about

  • Amphibians are on the move

    Amphibians are on the move

    My son and his family found lots of amphibian activity the end of last week on a rainy night walk. When frogs and salamanders decide to look for their breeding ponds, they usually pick a warm, rainy night to their liking and head for the nearest breeding ponds. A beautiful wood frog appeared along the

  • Turkey vultures returning

    Turkey vultures returning

    Greet each morning with great expectations these new April days, for migrants are arriving slowly but surely, and all forms of wildlife are getting ready for new families and new life. It can be very exciting if you take time to notice what is happening around you on this island in Maine. A friend told

  • Porcupine needs helping hand

    Porcupine needs helping hand

    Regardless of the weather, life in the natural world moves along towards spring and prepares for warmer days and nights and new families in our woods and fields. Feathered migrants from the south will soon be surprising us in the air and at our feeders. Even now, it is possible to see a double-crested cormorant

  • March still acting like a lion

    March still acting like a lion

    We are still in the heavy grip of winter, but the natural world moves ahead, for spring is on the way and moves right along. Migrants start to return in spite of the weather, and their journey at times may be perilous. Late migrants in the fall and early ones in the spring may or

  • Despite snow, spring pushes on

    Despite snow, spring pushes on

    The latest snowstorm with high winds and wet heavy snow gave our island a bit of excitement recently. In spite of it all, spring pushes on, and our wildlife moves ahead on schedule. We have turned the clocks ahead and will have more daylight hours, and I, for one, am glad about that. Flocks of

  • Heavy seas create ‘wild scene’

    Heavy seas create ‘wild scene’

    The shores around Mount Desert Island are in great disarray after the recent storm. Rocks of all sizes are everywhere on the road and shores at Seawall. The causeway area has been closed awhile for cleanup and major road repair. It was a wild scene at Thunder Hole and other areas such as Schoodic where

  • Eagle finds fat feast

    Eagle finds fat feast

    A lone eagle was sitting on the lower branches of a tree. There is nothing unusual about that on this island where eagles live and breed. All the same, my friend kept watching and then discovered as the bird finally flew off that it had a fat, gray squirrel in its talons. Eagles are scavengers

  • Ravens make ‘comfort sound’

    Ravens make ‘comfort sound’

    Rain, snow, ice, sun, balmy breezes and frigid temperatures — it’s February! The courtship of many mammals and even birds is well underway. Great horned owls often sit on their nest of eggs in a snowstorm. Eagles can be seen doing their courtship flights over our island, and this can be quite amazing to watch.